This has been an interesting undertaking for me. My niche is on trying to quiet your mind and manage your anxiety. Here I am throwing myself into moment after moment of anxiety-producing situations, trying to write things that aren’t silly or overdone or too boring to read!


I have found myself asking a lot of questions, looking for a lot of help. Some of it is because I am not very tech savvy. A lot also stems from insecurity on my ability to put out a good product. I don’t want to goof it up and feel like a failure!

I don’t even know how to blog, for crying out loud! This is a technique or style of writing that came along well after my education was completed, so I am winging it! I actually tried to look it up, but that wasn’t helpful.


The training videos have been so helpful getting me this far! I am not, however, a patient individual. I have asked questions that will apparently be answered in tutorials yet to come. I struggled and fussed and fought but figured out how to put images in my posts. Then I saw the video on how to do that very thing a few days later.

I have read Kyle’s story. The one of how he got here, and how he made zero money the first two months. I’m not crazy about that part, but I am trying to turn over a new leaf.


I chose this niche because anxiety is awful to deal with. So many people don’t understand how crushing it can be or how hard it makes your life. They can’t see it, so they can’t comprehend it.

My goal with my website to make a difference. Sure, I want to make money, too. But I think that I can help a lot of people in the process, That feeling is priceless.

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